Rockingham Theatre Company
Wednesday 10th January 2018  7.30pm @ The Castle, 8 Attwood Way, Rockingham

Synopsis of the play
“Anyone For Breakfast?” by Derek Benfield
In this merry comedy of marital mishaps the'scene is set for an evening and morning of riotous misunderstandin's and mistaken identities as the guilty parties in question try desperately to keep their romantic secrets secret! Your audience will be kept on a roar for two hours and at the end of the play we realize that the complications and confrontations - far from ending - are only just beginning ...
Required: three male 20's-50's & three females 20's-50's
Performance Dates: March 2018 16th, 17th , 23rd, 24th, 25th  (we are not performing over the Easter weekend) and April 6th and finishing on 7th.
When: 10th January 2018 Where: Rockingham “The Castle” Theatre,
   8 Attwood Way, Rockingham WA
Time: 7.30pm
What to bring: yourself - no prepared audition piece required, will be reading excerpts from script and auditioning from these pages
Contact : David Heckingbottom - Director - 0412 119 122.